Limited Menu While Supplies Last
(no bread with takeout during COVID-19)
Spring Greens with Red Wine Vinaigrette -5.5-
Creamy, Slow Cooked Beef with Mushrooms & Onions over Fettuccine -18-
Coconut Cream Pie -7-
Chocolate Ganache Cake -7-
Lemon Roll Cake -7-
Brownie with Chocolate Mousse -5-
Antipasti Plate -15- Alps sweet soppressata, Prosciutto di Parma, house Mortadella, olives, roasted peppers, house pickled vegetables
Arugula & Radicchio-6- balsamic, garlic, extra virgin olive oil
Caesar -6- romaine, Parmesan Reggiano, croutons, house dressing
Fennel -6- shaved fennel, arugula, ruby grapefruit, extra virgin olive oil
Pasta & Others
Gnocchi -16- baked with white & red sauce, fontina, Reggiano
Linguini Carbonara -17- garlic, egg, house pancetta, Reggiano
Spaghetti & Meatball -16- slow cooked in sauce, Reggiano
Cavatelli & Sausage -16- house recipe hot sausage, rapini, Pecorino
Manicotti -16- house made, filled with hand dipped ricotta cheese, topped with red sauce, Reggiano and Pecorino
Chicken Parmesan -18- free range, antibiotic free chicken with house cavatelli and red sauce
Greens & Beans -12- house sweet fennel sausage, white beans, Reggiano
House Meatball -4- each
House Sweet Fennel Sausage -4- each
Combo -10- house meatball, slow cooked pork, house sweet fennel sausage

Thanks for everything. Stay Safe


TAKE-OUT until further notice 

Taking orders Tuesday through Saturday from 3-8pm
Pay over the phone and we can walk it out to your car (at your request)
Limited Menu Available (see below)
Can purchase 2 six packs to go (see below)
Can purchase up to 3 bottles of wine (see below - but we must uncork them before leaving)
Also sending giftcards to those who want them in the mail.
CALL NOW! 412-489-6382

Video filmed March 31st, 2020